You wish to create a perfume for your brand?
Create the signature fragrance of your brand, your store?
Create a perfume for a very special occasion?

Parfum&Projet creates your customized perfume from A to Z.


Just like an architect, Parfum&Projet selects the finest craftsmen and coordinates their skills to create high-quality, finished fragrance products that meet the standards and identity of each customer.
Located in Grasse, the heart of the French perfumery industry, Projet & Parfum has access to the main suppliers and vendors of the industry.

Parfum&Projet creates your own and complete perfumed line: parfum, eau de parfum, hair mist, room fragrances.

Design your fragrance in 3 steps

STEP 1 - Choose your fragrance

Original fragrances created in respect of the French savoir-faire of perfumery in Grasse and developed by talented perfumers to answer the desire of a modern connoisseur startig at 500 bottles per fragrance.

Parfum&Projet offers a fragrance library in constant evolution responding to fashion trends but also proposes to develop your own fragrance with her perfumers starting at 1000 bottles per fragrance.
Fragrances from the Ready to wear collection
Eaux de parfum
Saffron wood
Marine wood
Addictive hemp
Sweet Chypre
Chypre for a man
Amber Cologne
Musky Cologne
Sparkling Cologne
Leather for She&He
Red sand desert
Black incense
Black fig
Lemon blossom
White blossom
Amazing flowers
Fruity floral
Floral oriental
Crazy fougère
Wise fern
Queen's garden
White water
Absolute musk
Woody oriental
Oriental vanilla
Animal oud
Smoky oud
Mystical oud
Powdery oud
Oud velvet
Totally Rose
Rose Litchi

Choose your bottle

With a choice of elegant and functional bottle designs, you will be able todevelop a unique package range
that includes matching caps and atomizers with a variety of shapes, colors and finishes.
Eaux de parfum
Home fragrances
Create your perfume
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Step 3 - We create your perfumed product

The finest and unique decorative packaging for a luxury product.
At least 8 crafstmen will contribute to the development of your perfume: perfumer, glassmaker, packaging designer, printer, ...
With your logo, Parfum&Projet designs your product with her perfume designers: box, sticker, silk printing according to your graphics standards, colors, or logo.

You will receive a ready to sell prefume, in accordance with the legislation (IFRA, Product Information File, CPNP) and entirely Made in France.

Non tested on animals - Free from animal products - Free from CMR, parabens, phtalates, PEG, silicon, phenoxyethanol - FSC complying boxes, recyclables - Favors recycled packaging material

Our creations

Their perfume project came true.

Pretty Wire - France
Solo - Géorgie
André Maurice - Italie
Groupe Hearst - USA
Oliver Sweeney - UK
Grasse London - Koweït
Lise Russo - France
King Baby Studio - Santa Monica
Perfumista - France
Alvira - Koweit
Abarina - France
Alqurum Boulevard - Oman
Blackcape - Espagne

About us

Claudine Roublot, founder of Parfum & Projet, believes the creation of unique perfumes should be a process within the reach of all who desire it.

Her experience in the fragrance industry has spanned more than 15 years, working with some of the finest and most respected brands in the world. Parfumerie Fragonard, Diptyque, Catherine Memmi, Ladurée, Imperial Hotel New Delhi, Raffles Hotels, All Nippon Airways, Le Printemps, Anthropologie, Marks&Spencer, are but a few of the clients that benefitted from her olfactory marketing experience and allow her today to lend her knowledge and skills of the complete process from creation to distribution to companies seeking to create their own signature fragrances.

Today she offers her experience to fashion and accessories brands and stores, concept stores, hotels and spas, private and public companies, event organizers to bring them a full service.


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