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Step 1

Let's create your perfume together!

Parfum&Projet offers you its "READY TO WEAR" collection of fragrances, constantly evolving to meet current and upcoming trends. These original fragrances were created in respect of the French savoir-faire of perfumery in Grasse and developed by talented perfumers to answer the desire of a modern connoisseur, starting at 500 bottles per fragrance. This collection offers fragrances for women, men, or unisex, to seduce a large audience and perfectly illustrate your identity


Starting at 1000 bottles per fragrance, Parfum&Projet offers you the possibility to develop a "BESPOKE PERFUME" with its perfumers… the ultimate olfactory signature.

Collection parfum prêt à porter. Parfum pour femme, parfum pour homme, parfum mixte, parfum de niche.  Toutes les familles olfactives sont représentées : boisé, ambré, floral, fruité, fougère, hespéridé.
Step 2

Parfum&Projet offers you a great choice of quality glass bottles and an assortment of accessories allowing you to dress the bottle of your choice and give it your personal touch.

Play with shapes and colors. Make it yours!

Créer son parfum et choisir son packaging parfum.
Créer son parfum et choisir son packaging parfum.
Step 3

A unique and fully customized packaging to hold a beautiful, high-quality perfume tailored to your image


In complete harmony with your image, our graphic studio creates a packaging completely personalized, based on your design guidelines, including color, logos, and more. 

Création de parfum sur mesure. Créez votre parfum. Parfum sur mesure. Parfum private label. Projet de parfum.
parfum et projet, createur de fragrance personnalisé et sur mesure à Grasse en france.
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