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 comment créer son parfum et le commercialiser

A personalized support​

From idea to marketing, we help you define your project in accordance with your identity and in line with your market, your objectives, and your budget.

Like an architect, we build your project and coordinate all the stages of the creation of your perfume. Parfum & Projet is your single contact and ensures that all the steps involved in creating your perfume are carried out correctly.

French know-how for your bespoke perfumes

On average, 8 craftsmen will contribute to the development of your perfume in the tradition of French Perfumery: perfumer, designer, glassmaker, cardboard maker, printer, conditioner, transporter, etc.

Over the years, we have forged a strong network of specialized artisans, selected on the basis of precise know-how and proven over time. We choose those of them who have the best skills and techniques that meet the standards and identity of your project.

Your perfume in the purest tradition of the French Perfumery

For the manufacture of your perfume, we privilege short circuits highlighting the know-how inscribed in the Unesco heritage of the Pays de Grasse and the tradition of French Perfumery.


You will receive a finished, ready-to-sell perfume, accompanied by its Product Information File and fully compliant with the European legislation in force IFRA + European Cosmetic Regulation 1223/2009.

Reminder of the important points of the Cosmetic Regulations for information:

• Manufacturing in workshops implementing Good Manufacturing Practices according to ISO 22716 (GMP) 

• Complete traceability of the finished product 

• No animal testing 

• No ingredients from animals

• No CMR, parabens, phthalates, PEG, silicon, phenoxyethanol

Your perfume best respects the environment and men:

• Entirely Made in France 

• Privileged short circuit in Grasse area to participate in the dynamism of the local economy while promoting the artisanal knowledge of the region. 

• Paper from sustainably managed forests, eco-responsible paper, certified suppliers, Imprim’Vert certified suppliers 

• Use of preferred recycled packaging material Inclusive philosophy and welfare using an ESAT (Establishments and Work-Based Help Services for People At Risk)

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